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253MA Schedule 80S

Seamless Pipe 253MA, 10Nb, 17.10mm OD  X 3.2mm (Wall) , Schedule 80S (6 metres)
Low in Stock
Model: PS253MA80010 Stock Level: WA 1 , VIC 1
Grade 253MA(17.10Mm X 3.2Mm)..
Ex Tax:$1,323.90
Model: PS253MA80015 Stock Level: WA 12 , TAS 8
Grade 253MA(21.30Mm X 3.73Mm)..
Ex Tax:$1,654.80
Seamless Pipe 253MA, 50Nb, 60.30mm OD X 5.54mm (Wall) , Schedule 80S (6 metres)
Not in Stock (Backorder)
Model: PS253MA80050 Stock Level: WA 0
Grade 253MA(60.30Mm X 5.54Mm)..
Ex Tax:$6,781.50
Model: PS253MA80065 Stock Level: WA 5
Grade 253MA(73.00Mm X 7.01Mm)..
Ex Tax:$7,642.50
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