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Slotted Tube (3m)

Products in this category are sold and priced in 3 metre lengths.

Cutting Options are available in the Product's Details Page.

Rectangular Tube Singleslot 1.5mm (Wall) x 50x25mm, 15x15mm Slot,  Mirror Finish, 316 (3-metres)
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Model: TS316SS15050025
Disclaimer: Typically all cast stainless steel balustrade fittings are designed for service in onshore, non-harsh environments i.e. non-marine. Use of cast stainless steel Balustrade fittings in a harsh environments is therefore not recommended...
Ex Tax:$136.80
Model: TS316SS16020050 Stock: 33
50mmx20mmx1.6mm 3m lengths Slot size 15mm*15mm RT5020 Mirror polish..
Ex Tax:$151.35
Model: TS316SS16015050 Stock: 16
50mmx50mmx1.6mm 3m lengths Slot size 15mm*15mm  SU75 Mirror Polish..
Ex Tax:$190.95
Model: TS316DS16015050 Stock: 14
50mmx50mmx1.6mm 3m lengths Slot size 15mm*15mm Slot size 15mm*15mm DU100 Mirror Polish..
Ex Tax:$249.75
Model: TS3169DS16015050 Stock: 6
50mmx50mmx1.6mm 3m lengths Slot size 15mm*15mm RDU500 #600..
Ex Tax:$250.35
Model: TR3169DS15015050 Stock: 18
50.8mm*1.5mm Grade 316, 600# Slot size 15mm*15mm 3m lengths..
Ex Tax:$256.80
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