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Model: NNWS3160006 Stock Level: WA 276
Thickness 1.6mm, Width 2.5mm..
Ex Tax:$0.20
Model: NNWS3160008 Stock Level: WA 142
Thickness 2.0mm, Width 3.0mm..
Ex Tax:$0.20
Model: NNWS3160010 Stock Level: WA 492
Thickness 2.2mm, Width 3.5mm..
Ex Tax:$0.20
Model: NNWS3160012 Stock Level: WA 211
Thickness 2.5mm, Width 4.0mm..
Ex Tax:$0.20
Model: NNWS3160016 Stock Level: WA 116 , TAS 60
Thickness 3.5mm, Width 5.0mm..
Ex Tax:$0.40
Model: NNWS3160020 Stock Level: WA 174
Thickness 4mm, Width 6.0mm..
Ex Tax:$0.63
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