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Model: NNGH316078 Stock: 18
Grade A B BL C D SWL Ø 316 43mm 78.5mm 2100kgs 8mm 11mm 525kgs 9mm  ..
Ex Tax:$12.45
Model: NNSH316100 Stock: 10
Grade A B BL C D E F​ SWL Ø 316 60.5mm 98.8mm 2000kgs 26mm 22.3mm 26.65mm 11mm 500kgs 8.65mm  ..
Ex Tax:$17.15
Model: NNSHSE316120 Stock: 4
Grade A B C D E 316 21.5mm 22mm 6.5mm 21.5mm 117mm  ..
Ex Tax:$22.15
Model: NNSHSL316090 Stock: 12
Grade A D L 316 22mm 13mm 88mm  ..
Ex Tax:$16.15
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