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Tee 304

Model: FNTE304010 Stock: 24
B(min) L2(min)AG(min)H9.110.4253.1825 Unit :mm..
Ex Tax:$9.85
Model: FNTE304015 Stock: 25
B(min) L2(min)AG(min)H10.913.6283.1833 Unit :mm..
Ex Tax:$20.65
NPT Tee/Equal  20Nb, Grade 304, 3000LB
Low in Stock
Model: FNTE304020 Stock: 2
B(min) L2(min)AG(min)H12.713.9333.1838 Unit :mm..
Ex Tax:$21.20
Model: FNTE304025 Stock: 4
B(min) L2(min)AG(min)H14.717.3383.6846 Unit :mm..
Ex Tax:$56.40
Model: FNTE304032 Stock: 10
B(min) L2(min)AG(min)H1718515.2862 Unit :mm..
Ex Tax:$67.95
Model: FNTE304040 Stock: 10
B(min) L2(min)AG(min)H17.818.4514.0162 Unit :mm..
Ex Tax:$105.25
NPT Tee/Equal  50Nb, Grade 304, 3000LB
Not in Stock (Backorder)
Model: FNTE304050
B(min) L2(min)AG(min)H19.019.2604.2775 Unit :mm..
Ex Tax:$138.45
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