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Nipple 316

Model: FNNX316008 Stock: 64
A(min) W(min)E(min)b(min)C(min)15361586 Unit :mm..
Ex Tax:$7.95
NPT Nipple/Hex  10Nb, Grade 316, 3000LB
Not in Stock (Backorder)
Model: FNNX316010
A(min) W(min)E(min)b(min)C(min)184016118 Unit :mm..
Ex Tax:$6.85
Model: FNNX316015 Stock: 28
A(min) W(min)E(min)b(min)C(min)224820148 Unit :mm..
Ex Tax:$12.95
Model: FNNX316020 Stock: 20
A(min) W(min)E(min)b(min)C(min)2752211910 Unit :mm..
Ex Tax:$18.70
Model: FNNX316025 Stock: 131
A(min) W(min)E(min)b(min)C(min)3560252410 Unit :mm..
Ex Tax:$35.85
Model: FNNX316032 Stock: 14
Please contact stirlings for product Spec...
Ex Tax:$45.65
Model: FNNX316040 Stock: 35
A(min) W(min)E(min)b(min)C(min)5068263816 Unit :mm..
Ex Tax:$71.45
Model: FNNX316050 Stock: 55
A(min) W(min)E(min)b(min)C(min)6271274917 Unit :mm..
Ex Tax:$117.55
Model: FNNX3166015 Stock: 14
A(min) W(min)E(min)b(min)C(min)224820118 Unit :mm..
Ex Tax:$14.05
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