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90 Deg Elbow 304

NPT Elbow/90  15Nb, Grade 304, 3000LB
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Model: FNE9304015
B(min) L2(min)AGH10.913.6334.0938 Unit :mm..
Ex Tax:$13.55
NPT Elbow/90  20Nb, Grade 304, 3000LB
Low in Stock
Model: FNE9304020 Stock: 3
B(min) L2(min)AGH12.713.9384.3246 Unit :mm..
Ex Tax:$22.90
Model: FNE9304025 Stock: 71
B(min) L2(min)AGH14.717.3444.9856 Unit :mm..
Ex Tax:$42.70
Model: FNE9304032 Stock: 10
B(min) L2(min)AGH1718515.2862 Unit :mm..
Ex Tax:$48.40
Model: FNE9304040 Stock: 27
B(min) L2(min)AGH17.818.4605.5675 Unit :mm..
Ex Tax:$104.95
Model: FNE9304050 Stock: 14
B(min) L2(min)AGH1919.2647.1484 Unit :mm..
Ex Tax:$146.20
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